Helping Hand Food Pantry

1429 Madison Street NE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55413   Phone: 763-291-1902

Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We are a non profit organization that has community partnerships. We meet physical and social needs of low income people and the homeless. Many of our seniors and low income families have income of about $400-800 per month. There is not much money left for food.  Many of our clients have health issues. Some clients need to use milk substitutes, no meat, high fiber, fresh foods such as fruit and salads. The foods they need to improve their health, is cost prohibited.  

HHFP has the privilege to procure mostly fresh organic foods.  HHFP serves about eighty percent organic foods? One typical comment from clients is, "Getting the food you have, has improved my health." Another comment is "You have the best food shelf in the cities." When we hear comments like these, we know HHFP is improving the diets of people.  United Business Systems, Ham Lake, MN provides high quality vitamins, replacement meal bars and shakes, toothpaste, shampoos and body lotions. These items help our clients live healthier lives. We do this community outreach because of the love we have for God, our families and our community. Loving our neighbors, with loving actions, is HHFP focus within the 55413 and 55418 zip codes first.

Helping Hand Food Pantry (HHFP) meets needs through on and off site based food and hygiene distributions. Currently, we serve food at three locations, besides, special events. Weekly we serve food  from HHFP.